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    I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on May 3rd 1969 at 5:35pm. Both of my parents were born in Portugal and immigrated to Canada on February 6th 1965. My father, Custodio Joaquim Dos Reis, was born in a little town called Montemor-o-Novo in the province of Alentejo (The origin of its name, "Além-Tejo", literally translates to "Beyond the Tagus" or "Across the Tagus". The region is separated from the rest of Portugal by the Tagus river, and extends to the south where it borders the Algarve. Alentejo is a region known for its polyphonic singing groups, comparable to those found on Sardinia and Corsica). My mother Zulmira de Jesus Martins dos Martires, was born in Faro in the province of Algarve. (The Algarve, from Arabic: الغرب‎, trans. Al-Gharb, meaning "The West", is the southernmost region of mainland PortugalHuman presence in southern Portugal dates back to the Neolithic, and Palaeolithic. The presence of megalithic stones in the area of Vila do Bispo attests to this presence. The Conii, influenced by Tartessos, were established by the sixth century BC in the region of the Algarve. They would be strongly influenced by the Celtici. The Phoenicians had established trading ports along the coast circa 1000 BC. The Carthaginians founded Portus Hanibalis — known today as Portimão in about 550 BC. The Romans in the 2nd century BC spread through the Iberian Peninsula, and many Roman ruins can still be seen in the region, notably in Lagos. Roman bath complexes and fish salting tanks have been found near the shore in several locations.

    Established executive

    I'm a results-oriented business leader, with a passion for the industry, the customer and execution excellence. I have a reputation as a strong leader, people manager and communicator. I hold business values dearly and I'm committed to guiding my associates to the goal of becoming the most visionary and customer-dedicated enabler in the industry.

    I started working for Exportation Quebec / Groupe Producan Inc. in January 2011 as their President. EQ is a globally leader in the marketing of industrial vehicles and ambulances for the Middle East and North Africa. Its range of vehicles, which serving in industrial, commercial and military customers, also includes fire trucks, crane trucks, flatbed trucks, aircraft and helicopter tankers. In operations for over 34 years, EQ‘s approach and philosophy is based on strong and lasting business relationships. In the process, it relies on a multidisciplinary team of dedicated employees in Montreal, Morocco and Algeria, capable of providing high-quality service. In addition, the company has always ensured that its products exceed the expectations of its customers located in 17 countries and on three continents. Moreover, the company is proud to know that some of its specialty vehicles, built over the years, have played a crucial role in saving many lives, due to their unceasing durability, reliability and operational capacity.

    Before joining Exportation Quebec, I held the position of Vice-President and General Manager for Sperian Protection (acquired by Honeywell) from 2006 until 2011. While at Sperian, I was responsible for the research and development, manufacturing and commercialization of Sperians’ fire product portfolio globally. This included the personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as the Sell Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Under my leadership, the US and Canadian manufacturing plants returned to profitability within the first year of his endeavor.

    Prior to joining Sperian, I worked as a senior consultant for Siemens Canada. Working directly with the Vice-President of Carrier Sales, who later became the Nokia Siemens interim President during the joint venture between Siemens AG’s COM division and Nokia’s Network business Group. I had the pleasure to work closely with executives to develop and implement a sales strategic plan resulting in an increase market penetration.

    Prior to that, I joined RhoxalPharma in 2003 (a subsidiary of Hexal AG later acquired by Sandoz/Novartis) as Vice-President of Sales & Key Accounts. Under my leadership overall sales grew by 67% while corporate key account sales growth was an astonishing 129%, resulting in Rhoxal-Pharma achieving status of fastest growing generic pharmaceutical company in 2004.

    early career

    I also held senior executive positions in other companies such as Carlo Gavazzi/MUPAC as Senior Executive Vice President of Global Business Development and most notably at Knürr AG, were I joined in 2001 as Vice-President of Sales & Marketing and later was promoted to President & General Manager for Knürr Canada.

    I started my career at Lockheed Martin in 1992 as a software developer and later held positions in business and product development at Nortel Networks between 1998 and 2001.


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"If you want to eliminate world hunger, everybody has to be involved." - Bono


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