off-road: 4x4, Motocross & even Vespa'ing

Nothing like a couple of days riding into the woods with a couple of friends.

off-roading is the recreation of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain. There are many different vehicles, tires, surfaces, skills, and experience that is associated with off-roading.

There are many recreational sports such as; dune bashing, cross-country, raid, greenlading, mudding/bogging, rock crawling, rock racing, competitive trails and winch events. Also there are many other topics that are included in off-roading like events and organizations. Vehicles and modifications, body lifts, suspension lifts, axle lifts, tires and traction control also are major things that happen before off roading. There are things such as dangers of vehicle lifting and vehicle protection. Criticism of ORV, environmental impact, Mojave Desert controversy, roadless area conservation and public statements are the safety precautions that follow off-roading. Off roading will only interest those willing to take the risk.

The off-road Team

Ruben Dos Reis (a.k.a Spidey)

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Dr. Anne-Sophie Studer (a.k.a. Chtudy)

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Marc Boivin (a.k.a. The Razor)

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Baskatong "La Pointe à David" Quebec, Canada

Nestled in the middle of the vast and incredible Baskatong Reservoir that is known for its beauty and purity, La Pointe à David has been known now for more than fifty years as an Outfitting Tourist Resort.
Located at latitude 44° 16' N, longitude 71° 18' W


off-road Baja

The Ultimate Adventure On Wheels

Come join us in Baja on the motorcycle or ATV tour of a lifetime. Challenge yourself with an action packed adventure. Whether your pick is desert off-road riding, mountain ATV exploring or Racing Baja yourself. Chris Haines experience is like nothing else.

The Ultimate Riding Experience

Ultimate Riding Experience

Camping and hiking opportunities are plentiful
A Mexican peninsula extending into the Pacific Ocean from the south end of the U.S. state of California, Baja California provides some of Mexico's most dramatic sea and landscapes. This includes everything from vast and remote deserts, dormant volcanoes and wonderful old mission towns. The first political capital of "old California" is found here as well as many remnants of the colonial past.